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To celebrate the launch of the Retrospective Exhibition reaching the States, a new set of prints was commisioned. They feature artworks being showcased in the exhibition.

This incredible artwork from Steadman's illustrated version of The Devil's Dictionary (Bloomsbury.2003) is everything you would expect from the master of Gonzo. A crazed madman sits in the musings of his own psychotic mindscape.

The Devil's Dictionary is a satirical dictionary written by American Civil War soldier, journalist, and short story writer Ambrose Bierce. Consisting of common words followed by "howlingly funny"[1] definitions, the lexicon was written over three decades as a series of installments for magazines and newspapers. Bierce’s witty definitions were imitated and plagiarized for years before he gathered them into books, first as The Cynic's Word Book in 1906 and then in a more complete version as The Devil's Dictionary in 1911.

Produced by Kentucky-based printer, Joe Petro, these beautiful prints, measure 760mm w x 560mm h. The bottom edge is deckled and they are signed and numbered by Ralph Steadman. They are in an edition of 250.

Each of these Retrospective inspired prints will also be available on the Retrospective tour as venues get confirmed.