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Squirreled away in cupboards and drawers in Ralph's studio, sometimes undisturbed for years, are all sorts of bits and bobs and ephemera. Everything from postcards to beer labels, book signing notices and exhibition flyers.

One such cache was recently discovered so we have pulled these hidden gems together into tidy bundles and created a new set of memorabilia. Upon order Ralph will sign one item but we cannot guarantee which one - it really will depend upon his mood!

Contents may differ slightly. Items which may be included are:

Barney Wychoff Gallery Invitation

Wool and Water Postcard

Drawing from "Poor Mouth" by Flann O'Brien Postcard

Gonzo Imperial Porter Beer Label

OK! Freeze Postcard

Progressive Magazine Flyer

Turret Book Shop Signing A3 Poster

Good Beer No Shit! Sticker

Inspector Mouse Postcard

Private Eye Postcard

She Wants to be Alone Postcard

Moi, Leonardo de Vinci Postcard

Between the Eyes Exhibition Invitation

Who Me? No! Why? Exhibition Flyer

Flying Dog Sticker

Smell of the Orient Postcard

Charlie's Angles Postcard

Sigmund Freud Sticker

Queen's Portraits Postcard

I Leonardo Illustration Christmas Card