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When Ralph Steadman got the three in the morning phone call telling him Hunter S. Thompson had shot himself he said: “About bloody time” and hung up. This memoir of the 35 year working relationship between artist and journalist reveals that comment to be loaded with equal parts of humour, exasperation and love.

The final chapter of the book is a letter from Steadman to Thompson. In it Steadman makes explicit the implicit point of the book. For in the end this is an attempt to understand and come to terms with his great friend’s suicide.

Howard Daily Info Rewiew

William Heineman 2006

In The Joke's Over Steadman tells of his extraordinary collaboration with Hunter S. Thompson, which documented the turbulent years of the Civil Rights movement, Nixon and Watergate, and the decay of the American Dream.

It is also the story of an unusual friendship , of both a unique understanding and of extraordinary betrayals.

Few people knew Thompson as well as Ralph did. In this unique memoir, elegiac, bizarre and hilarious, Steadman tells his story for the first time, the story – in words and pictures – of Ralph and Hunter, a great British original and a great American original, Butch and Sundance on acid...