SIGNED Critical Critters

SIGNED Critical Critters

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Gonzovation truly became a movement with the creation of the artworks for Critical Critters, the third volume in the Gonzovation Trilogy, following on from Extinct Boids and Nextinction. 

Created using the dirty water technique, Critical Critters considers the plight of animals the world over, facing extinction due largely to man’s interference in their habitats, flesh and fur. 

The dirty water technique has been pioneered by Ralph and involves him pouring the dirty water he rinses his paint brushes in (the older and smellier the better) onto a waiting piece of paper. It dries for 3 days and then is transferred to the drawing board where an image (or critter) is pulled from the splats, blots and textures, which have formed naturally by themselves. 

In Spring 2019, Vans used the Critical Critters as inspiration for a line of trainers, decks and t-shirts in their Vans Vault range. 

Signed by Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy, copies of the first edition are exclusively available directly from the Steadman Shop website. There are only a limited number available so please get your orders in as once they are gone, they are gone (like the critters).

International postage costs reflect the weight of the item.
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